Stichting Incubator - and - 8D Games

The 1st Regional Partnership

The invitees came our way through the interviews conducted in the first periods of the ACBC project. Some of these interviewees had so much experience with the subject or were able to think along with us that we decided to involve them in our regional partnership. The meeting was held in the office building where BDF is located in one of the meeting rooms. The regional partnership meeting took place on the 5 th of Juli between 15:00 and 17:00. One of the partners in the project, 8D games, was also present to show the regional partners what concepts they had come up with. They have therefore prepared a presentation for this.

The 2nd Regional Partnership

To grow the regional partnership with relevant partners, while not having a lot more to ask/tell about the game development, we were forced to split the meeting in individual meetings. We have invited Friesland College (meeting 2b) and a local high school (Christelijk Gymnasium Beyers Naudé, meeting 2a). Because of the geographical location it also made sense to split this meeting, since the high school is located in Leeuwarden and the Friesland College (VET) in Heerenveen, a different part of Friesland. So, time and location were selected based on the availability of them, ours and of 8D Games.

The 3rd Regional Partnership

While at the first and second regional partnership meetings it was still about creating the partnership and explaining the project, at the third meeting it was time to receive input for the game scenarios. Now after the meeting we can state that this has been very successful. This was mainly due to all the expertise that the various partners brought with them. Due to a school holiday, there were unfortunately parties that had to cancel. Nevertheless, the parties present had so much input that this ultimately did not cause any problems. In fact, fewer people present gave everyone ample time to share practical stories. Ultimately, therefore, exactly what we need for the scenario input.

The 4th Regional Partnership

Information available soon, wait for news soon.

The 5th Regional Partnership

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The 6th Regional Partnership

Information available soon, wait for news soon.

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