Practical guidance describing how to set up an integrated regional network of relevant stakeholders to enhance the discussion on Online Media Awareness.

Hands-on and practical applicable guide book describing step-by-step how to implement the ACBC Serious Game you your school, youth organization or other.

Will contribute to an online conscious community in order to prevent cyberbullying and create online awareness for young people. It will engage young people to recognise, understand and prevent cyberbullying and think about their and others online presence and its impact.

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Target Groups


The main target group of is young people with an age between 13-18 years. European wide the 13-18 age category stands out as the most exposed to cyberbullying. This target group can be reached through schools (students), but also via youth organisations, sports clubs, youth programmes and initiatives, etc.


It is through them the project outputs will be delivered to the final beneficiaries. With support of the User Guide, youth workers, social workers, teachers and other people that work with youth on a daily basis will get an in depth understanding of cyberbullying and will be able to implement the Serious Game with the target group, young people.


The set up and development of Regional Partnerships involves a broader community to enhance the discussion on online behaviour and to raise awareness on cyberbullying. These Partnerships will involve organisations from a broader view to ensure an integrated approach and wide impact.